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South LA fast food ban has not improved health, study says

David McNew/Getty Images
| The Rand study finds that obesity and fast food consumption have increased in the area in the six years since the ban on new fast food restaurants took effect.

Blood tests for Exide neighbors extended for at least 5 years


The deal to close the Vernon battery recycler includes money to test neighbors' blood for lead. But community leaders have mixed feelings.

Daughters of Charity hospitals sale falls through [updated]


Attorney General Kamala Harris had cleared for-profit Prime Healthcare's bid to buy the nonprofit chain, but Prime says her terms were "unprecedented and onerous."

LA City Council approves curbside planting of fruits and vegetables


Homeowners will no longer need an expensive permit to grow vegetables or certain types of fruit on that strip of land between the street and the sidewalk.

Cleaner LA air means kids' lungs are much healthier, USC study finds


A new study finds that improvements in local air quality over 20 years has resulted in kids whose lungs are nearly as healthy as those who live in clean-air zones.


LA is more than halfway to its goal of 50 new, small parks


Partnering with nonprofit groups, the city is putting parks on everything from vacant lots to traffic medians.

FAQ: LAPD's multiple layers of mental health training


There's training in the academy, additional training for officers on Skid Row, and a week-long voluntary intensive that includes role playing exercises.

First Person: Fighting Parkinson's by training for a 5K


USC Neurology Professor Sarah Ingersoll knows exercise helps people with Parkinson's, so she got the idea of helping people train for the LA Marathon's 5K race.