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Disney measles outbreak has parents scrambling to vaccinate kids

Photo by El Alvi via Flickr Creative Commons
| Local pediatricians say a lot of anxious parents are checking on their kids' vaccination status, and deciding to no longer delay vaccinations.

Calif. lawmakers introduce assisted suicide bill


The bill would give a patient with six months or less to live the right to end his life with prescription medications. At least one disability rights group is opposed.

First Person: Bill Brown's 32-year love affair with dance


Brown teaches everything from jazz dance to ballet. His studio also hosts fencing and Ashtanga yoga. Some of the students are octogenarians.


One woman's challenge: Lower cholesterol in 3 months, without meds


Karen Perea Gannon's doctor wanted to prescribe her cholesterol medication. She knew that if she immediately went on the drugs, she might never change her lifestyle.

How do you turn a tagger into an entrepreneur?


Santa Monica-based Streetcraft L.A. shows taggers and other troubled youth how to turn their artistic talent into a source of legitimate income.

Alcohol poisoning kills 6 Americans every day, CDC says


Alcohol poisoning is mainly caused by binge drinking, which is often associated with young people. But most of those killed by alcohol poisoning are middle-aged white men.

Supporters, opponents clash over proposed sale of nonprofit hospitals


Hundreds attended a public hearing in Lynwood Monday on the pending sale of the six Daughters of Charity hospitals to Ontario-based Prime Healthcare.

Lots of responsibility, no required training, for in-home caregivers


The lack of instruction even in CPR and first aid in California's IHSS program puts clients at risk, according to experts, advocates and some caregivers.