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Little oversight for in-home caregivers can lead to abuse

Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Health News
| Some convicted felons can be approved as caregivers, social workers miss abuse, and most counties aren't reporting it, a Kaiser Health News investigation finds.

First Person: Amir's Garden is Kristin Sabo's labor of love


Sabo took over the job more than 10 years ago after Amir Dialameh, the garden's founder, passed away. "If you see a need, go take care of it," she says.

On New Years Day, avoid walking intoxicated


More pedestrians die on New Year's Day than other days, according to a Mother Jones analysis. Fifty-nine percent of pedestrians killed on New Year's Day were drunk.

FDA calls for end of ban on gay men donating blood


The agency's proposed rule change would still require men who have sex with men to wait one year "since the last sexual contact" to donate blood.

Teens using e-cigs more than cigarettes, study finds


A national survey finds nearly 9 percent of middle schoolers had tried an e-cigarette in the past month, while 4 percent had smoked a tobacco cigarette.

LA County to add nearly 200 staff to help the mentally ill


County supervisors voted to accept a $31 million state grant to create special teams to connect mentally ill people with mental health, medical and other services.

Has your doctor prescribed exercise or vegetables?


Some doctors are prescribing exercise and healthy diets for chronic health problems, and studies show they're having some success.

Feds find many errors in Medicaid provider lists


Half of the doctors on Medicaid provider lists were either not practicing at the listed location or not seeing new patients.