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5 tips to avoid poisoning your dinner guests this Thanksgiving

Rana Faure/Corbis
| Here are some easy tips to keep you from inviting food poisoning to your Thanksgiving dinner table this year.

Help! Should I still drink milk?


Several studies have questioned whether milk actually does a body good. But some experts have questions about the studies.

First Person: Megan Cory's campaign to fight diabetes


The UCLA biochemistry student is fighting her disease by helping others: she invented a glucose monitor, she counsels diabetic kids, and she's doing clinical research.

Will Truvada help young black gay men avoid HIV?


A South L.A. clinic is prescribing the drug, which helps prevent HIV infection. But some experts worry it could encourage risky behavior.

Meet two nurses who volunteered for Ebola duty


County USC nurses Miguel Martinez and Elizabeth Patangan talk about why they agreed to help with any Ebola cases that might arise.

Hundreds of health workers attend mass Ebola training


A coalition of unions and healthcare providers hosted an Ebola training that attracted more than 400 workers and more online.

Nurses vs. hospitals: How much Ebola training is enough?


A nurses union says hospitals should give all staff intensive Ebola training; hospitals say they need to focus on those most likely to have direct contact with a patient.

White kids are more prone to getting Type 1 diabetes


A new study shows non-Hispanic white children get Type 1 diabetes at higher rates than other groups of children.