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Whooping cough cases continue to decline in Calif.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
| Whooping Cough cases continue to decrease but experts still recommend vaccine for mothers-to-be to protect infants in first months of life.

FDA approves 'breakthrough' melanoma drug for limited use


UCLA is among a dozen sites worldwide that tested the new drug, which neutralizes a protein that protects cancer cells from the body's immune system.

Gov. Brown mulls bill to curb antibiotic use in livestock


The bill would prevent the use of antibiotics for the fattening of livestock. Farm groups support it; consumer and health advocates say it doesn't go far enough.

E-cigarettes stoke teens' interest in tobacco cigarettes: study


Teens who tried e-cigarettes were twice as likely to intend to try tobacco cigarettes than those who had not vaped, according to the CDC.

Bound by freeways, Chinatown pedestrians face heightened danger


As a retiree without a car, Grace Yin walks the streets of Chinatown every day, and never lets her guard down. Everywhere, she said, there are careless drivers. A relative was hit crossing Broadway and Cesar Chavez Avenue several years ago.


First Person: Valerie Watson turns curbs into parks


Turning what once was a space for two cars to park into a parklet where people can "hang out and enjoy the street life of downtown Los Angeles."

Participation still low in blood testing program for Exide neighbors


Nearly five months into the six-month program to test thousands of Exide neighbors for lead contamination, only 160 people have been tested.

Did your newborn get a Vitamin K injection?


Some parents are opting out of the Vitamin K injection, although experts say the shot is key to preventing internal bleeding.