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Why are poor diabetics more likely to lose limbs?

Benjamin Brayfield/KPCC
| Research finds a lack of early and effective treatment for lower-income diabetics. A Boyle Heights doctor says there's more to the story.

Campaign encourages blacks and Latinos to check their blood pressure


A South L.A. nonprofit is conducting an outreach effort and providing free hypertension screenings through August.

Despite health claims, sports drinks unhealthy, says study


Researchers at UC Berkeley analyzed the ingredients of popular energy and sports drinks like Red Bull, Gatorade and Vitamin Water.

OC cases of mercury contamination highlight dangers of skin lightening


Up to 40 people were exposed to dangerous levels of mercury after women in six households used skin lightening creams laced with the toxic metal.

Study: Poor diabetics up to 10 times more likely to suffer amputations


Diabetics living in poorer neighborhoods like Compton and East L.A. are up to 10 times more likely to need an amputation than those in Beverly Hills and Malibu.

STD test results? There's an app for that.


A mobile and online app lets users share their STD test results with the person next to them, and with a wider community of potential partners.

Take a bite: Are processed foods a vital part of your diet?


A new paper from the American Society for Nutrition says processed foods contribute to the health of the U.S. population. That assessment is proving controversial.

Nutrition Society paper on processed food draws colleagues' ire


A paper published in a leading nutrition journal said processed food is an important part of the American diet, prompting some nutritionists to cry foul.