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Attracting low-income riders to LA Metro bike sharing

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
| While most transit users in Los Angeles are low-income, they make up a small percentage of bike-share users nationwide.

Cheerfully gruesome Metro safety campaign goes viral


L.A. Metro's videos feature stick figures that get decapitated, dismembered and maimed by passing trains, all accompanied by cheerful narration for the purpose of promoting safety.


LA Metro board approves sales tax ballot measure


The Metro measure next goes to the L.A. County supervisors, who also serve on the Metro board. If approved by the supervisors as expected, the measure would be placed on the November general election ballot with a two-thirds approval required for passage.

LA considers reducing some parking ticket fines


Parking tickets in the city of Los Angeles are more expensive than Santa Monica or West Hollywood. But would lowering fines make scofflaws more likely to park illegally?

Can Metro's November ballot measure really improve traffic?


L.A.'s transit agency hopes voters will approve a sales tax increase dubbed the "Traffic Improvement Plan." But opinions differ on whether congestion would be eased.

Extreme heat leading to more flat tires, spent car batteries


Be prepared, AAA advises. Modern cars may be less likely to overheat than their predecessors, but they're still prone to other problems during heat waves.

LAPD targets Valley streets for traffic enforcement


Despite the ramped up enforcement, LAPD officers still can't issue tickets for speeding, a major contributing factor to motor vehicle injuries and deaths.

LA commuters, meet the city's first bike traffic signals


City leaders on Thursday officially unveiled L.A.’s first bike-specific traffic signals as well as a stretch of protected bike lanes along Los Angeles Street between Alameda and First Street.