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San Juan Capistrano water rate ruling complicates drought measures, municipalities say

Michael Juliano/KPCC
| Counties, cities and water agencies are lobbying the California Supreme Court to depublish a ruling that San Juan Capistrano's rates are unconstitutional.

Stormwater capture rules gain new urgency as drought lingers


State regulators could approve rules that for the first time aims not only to keep Los Angeles County rivers and beaches clean, but also to capture stormwater.

Israel bringing years of desalination experience to Calif.


After decades of work, Israel now gets about a quarter of its water from the sea. But experts say desalination is not a magic bullet, and conservation and infrastructure fixes are also needed.

Federal agencies pledge another $110M in drought aid


Additional money has been given in aid that includes $18 million for a temporary jobs program to help unemployed Californians affected by the drought.

California drought: State orders large water cuts for farmers


The move marked the first time that the state has forced large numbers of holders of senior-water rights holders to curtail wateruse. It will affect thousands of farmers.

California drought: Riverside sues over water restrictions


It’s the strongest objection so far on record to the state’s regulations, which aim to reduce urban water use collectively by a quarter and call on individual water suppliers to make deep cutbacks.


How are SoCal cities reacting to Calif's water cutbacks?


Water districts are taking some interesting measures in implementing new rules that require them to cut water use by as much as 36 percent.

California drought: A year later, relief money is unspent


State officials acknowledge the slow pace of the spending, which they say is meant to ensure that the money is used wisely. But some say they would like to find ways to speed up the process.