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For California salmon, summer of truck rides, bucket lifts

US Fish and Wildlife Service
| What do you do when you have 30 million young salmon ready for their big journeys downstream, but drought and development have dried your riverbeds to sauna rocks?

Central Valley towns skirt water meter mandates


Residents of Morada in California's Central Valley continue to pay a flat, monthly rate for water despite having water meters installed nearly five years ago.

Turning off sprinklers this week would save 650 million gallons


Storms brought a little much-needed water to a parched California, and they could lead to more conservation, if homeowners hold off on irrigating their lawns.

Demand outstrips funding for Metropolitan lawn rebates


“Cash for grass” programs aren't new, but the Metropolitan Water District calls this level of interest in its current program “unprecedented.”

Drought: Taking out your lawn? How to choose what to do next


You've made the decision to replace your water-sucking grass lawn. But what to replace it with? Not all options are equal. Let us take you through your options.


Nestlé Waters CEO isn't stopping bottling in California, says new tech will save millions of gallons


NASA JPL's top water scientist and Nestlé Waters' CEO discuss the drought, new "zero-water" technology, and why Nestlé won't stop bottling California water.

Graywater? Snowpack? A glossary of drought jargon


A complex issue like drought comes wrapped in its own jargon. If you've caught yourself wondering what terms like "graywater," "snowpack" or "acre-feet mean," read on.

LAUSD upgrading toilets to save water during drought


A $5 million investment to replace toilets will cut water use by 100 million gallons each year, according to Los Angeles Unified district officials.