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State of Affairs: Greenhouse gases, water projects, and Brown's green legacy

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| San Francisco Chronicle senior political writer Carla Marinucci and Capital Public Radio's state government reporter Katie Orr join Take Two.

Community groups take conservation message to immigrant enclaves


Groups that serve diverse immigrant groups are part of a DWP grant program that does outreach on water conservation.

CA Senate Dems call out Gov. Brown over water


Democratic state senators say that, in the face of the relentless drought, the state should approve funds for recycling and saving water more quickly.

Don't tear out your lawn NOW, and other counterintuitive drought advice


It's Frank McDonough's job at the LA County Arboretum to field questions from residents, and he's getting 3-5 questions every day about the drought.His answers may surprise you.

Why Governor Brown is rolling back Delta project


Governor Brown is expected to announce today that the state is dramatically reducing the amount of fish and wildlife habitat it plans to preserve in connection to the $25 billion twin-tunnels project under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Riverside County mud run cancelled due to record drought


The Jurassic Classic is an annual fundraiser for youth programs. But organizers say it would be irresponsible to use the water they'd need to make the mud.


Revealed: The KPCC producer behind Twitter's @LosAngelesRain


Ladies and gentlemen, the Twitter handle @LosAngelesRain was nominated for a "Shorty" award. It's time to out the clever voice behind L.A.'s most stubborn weather phenomenon.

Landlord association in LA wants tenants to foot the bill for water use


As mandatory water cuts become a reality in the state, one group of people say they are particularly feeling the pinch.