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Drought: 10 things to know about California water use

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| There's a lot of talk and finger-pointing about water use in California. Here's what you need to know.

MWD approves 15 percent cut in water deliveries


Officials want to bank emergency reserves in case California epic drought — now in its fourth year — grinds on.

POLL: Can cartoons convince you to save water?


LA's "Drop" is just the latest in a long line of characters that have been trying to get us to save water for years.


LA officials look to lower city's water reduction target


Water officials think setting the baseline year to measure water reductions at 2013 doesn't take into account conservation efforts LA put in place prior.

Water board releases reduction proposal: LA to cut use 20 pct


The city of L.A. would have to cut water use by 20 percent from what it used in 2013 according to a proposed sliding scale of water cuts released Tuesday by the State Water Resources Control Board.


FAQ: Gov. Brown's executive water order and what it means for Calif.


We've compiled a user-friendly FAQ to help demystify when the effects of Gov. Brown water order will trickle down to the everyday water user.

Greywater presents possible solution to California's drought


Recycled water systems could decelerate the drought. So why aren’t more people using them?

Gov. Brown announces mandatory statewide California water reductions


Brown issued an executive order to put in place California's first-ever mandatory statewide water reductions. He made the announcement as the state's snowpack hit a record low.