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Record-low snowpack portends life of new normal in drought

| The state of California will conduct its last manual snowpack reading today, and the forecast is that the numbers won’t be good.

Scary times for California farmers as snowpack hits record lows


Much of the state depends on that snow for its water. In the Central Valley, that means another year of fallowed fields and emergency water measures.

April snowpack hits new record low: 6 percent of average


The previous record-low years were in 1977 and 2014. Both years hit 25 percent of average. On March 30, 2015, automated readings showed snow at 6 percent of average.


California regulators extend, expand drought restrictions


The state will put new restrictions on how hotels, restaurants and residents use water

California drought: City dwellers cut water use by just 9 percent in January


"People were really great about turning off their sprinklers when it was raining," said a state scientist. In January, "people turned those sprinklers right back on."

Megadrought likely in next 100 years as CO2 levels rise


A NASA study predicts that if emissions of CO2 continue to rise at current rate, there will be an 80% chance of a decades long drought by the end of the century.

California drought: Are rain barrels really a good idea?


A UC Davis engineering professor worries that California's obsession with rain barrels is blinding the state to its costs.

Is California water use increasing?


See which urban water suppliers had daily water use per resident rise and fall.