Drought |

UCLA water break prompts sticker shop owners to act

Benjamin Brayfield/KPCC
| A brother and sister are challenging Angelenos to recoup water lost during the UCLA water main break through conservation.

Think this drought is scary? California's had it worse.


Rain fell at a fraction of normal levels, livestock were slaughtered en masse and California's once-thriving rancho economy was devastated.

California crafts its drought survival strategy


The dearth of water in this state is showing no signs of easing. Officials have introduced plans to revamp the water rationing and distribution systems until the rains come. If they ever come.

Election 2014 FAQ: Prop 1 — the state's big water bond


A major bond aims to make California's water supplies more resilient. Carrying a hefty price tag, it divides environmentalists, farmers, and other interest groups.

Drought: LA water use drops nearly 9 percent, Calif. down 11


Californians still haven't cut their water use by 20 percent as the governor requested when he declared drought. But conservation is trending is in the right direction.

Drought: Calif. water officials waste water despite restrictions


A joint report from the Center for Investigative Reporting and NBC4 has found numerous examples of officials who call for conservation but fail to follow their own request.


Local town relies on neighbors to ease ongoing water shortage


Lake of the Woods near the Tejon Pass remains vulnerable to the drought even after the state removes it from a list tracking severe water shortages.

Drought: Studies disagree on climate change link; snow falls in Tahoe!


Academic studies released Monday disagreed that California's record drought was linked to climate change, with two finding against such a link and a third — from Stanford University — finding a connection.