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Global warming will hit California water supply, report says

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
| A report by the Department of the Interior finds global warming will result in more rain and less snow. Officials are rethinking water storage.

Congress leaves town without drought agreement


Congress is gone until November, but lawmakers insist they're still talking, trying to find a compromise on the drought bill.

Twin tunnels water diversion project getting bashed in DC


A trio of California House Democrats have proposed a bill to shut off the flow of federal dollars to finance the Delta tunnels water diversion project.

California temperatures hottest, driest in 120 years


Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Thursday confirmed California has had the hottest year since they started keeping records 120 years ago, in 1895.

GOP water bill would shrink the environmental review process


Negotiations are stalled on drought legislation, but House Republicans are fast tracking a bill that would shorten environmental reviews for reservoir construction.

Drought: 5 things to know about legislation in Congress


Congress returns Monday night. Californians are waiting to see if any action will be taken on legislation addressing the drought.

Drought: Sierra Nevada runoff could dwindle as planet warms


A new study finds that climate change might cause more plants to grow at higher elevations in the Sierra, resulting in less runoff for streams and rivers.

Is the bottled water industry shrinking Calif's water supply?


Demand for bottled water in the Golden State has been booming, but what effect does the industry's use of California's water supply have on the state's drought?