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Megadrought: 20 to 50 percent chance by century's end

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| A new study says climate change will increase the chances that decades long dry spells will hit the Southwest during the next century.

Panel: 9 ways Southern California could reduce its water use


There’s no shortage of ideas for tackling California’s increasing water shortage, at least based on the wide-ranging comments from five water experts at KPCC's forum event.

Congress running out of time for drought relief agreement


As Californians face fines for wasting water while washing cars and watering landscape, chances for drought relief legislation from Washington are drying up.

West loses 63 trillion gallons of groundwater to drought


Scientists used GPS data to figure out that the loss of all that water has caused the earth to rise slightly, mostly beneath the mountains.

Drought: Higher water prices challenged in San Juan Capistrano


The Orange County city, which helped pioneer conservation-minded water rates, is now the site of a dispute around whether those rates are permissible.

Drought: Your water rates are like video games


How Pac-Man, Super Mario and Legend of Zelda can explain the maze-like world of water pricing -- especially programs meant to incentivize conservation.

Drought: To wash or not to wash your car? 4 things to know


We did the homework for you. Here are the advantages and drawbacks to all the ways you can wash your car while California's in a water shortage.


Rim Fire: How the drought is helping charred lands recover


The lack of heavy rains has allowed fledgling plants to take root and thrive in the 400 square miles torched by one of California's biggest fires.