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Angelenos petition to stop ginormous slip 'n slide

Slide The City (via YouTube)
| The proposed event includes a 1,000 foot slip 'n slide. It's planned for downtown L.A. this fall and Angelenos aren't happy about it happening amid a drought.

Record-high portion of state under worst drought conditions


The current three-year drought is the worst that California has seen in decades. Most of the state is under conditions only seen once in 50 to 100 years.

Meet Lawn Dude: Southern California's new drought spokesman


He’s not really a dude at all. He's got a lawn-green tennis ball for a head…and he’s got a drinking problem that we enable with all our watering.

Pasadena declares water shortage: What's restricted now?


The new restrictions mean residents could face incremental fines up to $500; businesses can be fined up to $1,000. Do they go too far, or not far enough?


California can't say if it's meeting drought goal


Six months after Brown declared a water emergency, few state agencies know whether their conservation efforts are meeting the mark.


Drought: 12 things to know about lawn replacement programs


Less than one-tenth of one percent of yards in the region have switched using rebates, despite incentives to replace grass lawns with other plants.


Seeking waste, LA's water cop patrols city streets


The head of the DWP’s Water Conservation Response Unit enforces water restrictions and promotes conservation. He's more Officer Friendly than Johnny Law.

Drought: SoCal relies more on groundwater, but there are problems


Water officials are trying to make the region less dependent on water piped in from elsewhere by focusing on local sources, especially those underground.