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What's Griffith Park telling us about drought in LA?

Jed Kim/KPCC
| Looking at the city's iconic playground these days may make it seem as though there's no drought. A closer inspection, however, shows another story.

Drought: We could be recycling graywater right now—why aren't we?


While California had the first law on the books permitting home water recycling, homeowners have been slow to adopt it. That may be changing.

Hey Caddyshack! Golf courses and cemeteries aren't water wasters


Golf courses and cemeteries are big water users, but in recent years they've worked hard to conserve. But only some of their tips will help your backyard.

Drought: Town north of LA faces prospect of dry wells


State health officials say 17 communities are at risk of running out of water by May, including Lake of the Woods, a Kern County community above the Tejon Pass.