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El Niño leaves much of drought-stricken California in dust

File photo by Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| Forecasts call for a strong storm to bring rain and snow throughout California this weekend, but Californians had hoped for more of those forecasts this winter.

Dry spell shrank snowpack in parched California


State surveyors found Tuesday that the unusually warm, dry month of February ate away at what had been a well-above normal Sierra Nevada snowpack.

LADWP will apply for reduction in drought conservation goals


The state's largest water supplier says it should qualify for a reduction of 2 percentage points in its drought conservation goal based on new rules from the state.

Will CA hit its goal of cutting water use by 25 percent?


California is still on track to meet its overall goal of cutting water use by 25 percent, but just barely. The public needs to save a good deal more by March 1st.

Birds of prey declining in California; drought may be to blame


Numbers for the annual count have changed as California endures its fourth year of drought. Researchers wonder if the prolonged dry spell is to blame.

One-third of water districts miss the mark on conservation


Several of those districts are in Southern California, and many are on track to miss their conservation targets because they didn't cut enough over the summer.


Catalina aims to avoid more water rationing with desalination plant


Since August 2014, Catalina Island has had to reduce 25 percent of its water use. The island is adding a second desalination plant to help provide water.

Calif. new groundwater law faces tough local opposition


As of last year, there's a law to manage California's groundwater. But local and legal battles have thrown a wrench into the process.