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Future of Water: Technology to help Calif. farms stretch every drop

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| High-tech drip irrigation is taking hold on California farms. But there's a paradox: the more water that technology saves, the more incentive farmers have to plant more crops.

Burbank offering free recycled water to residents


Burbank is mandated by the state to conserve 24 percent more water compared to what they used in 2013, which comes out to about 1 billion gallons.


When the wells run dry: California neighbors cope in drought


In Okieville, located in a dry corner of California's Central Valley, wells have gone dry for many of the 100 modest homes, leaving residents to live in "Third-World-type conditions."


California Drought Relief Fund to raise money for drought, fire support


The campaign will run through the end of September and has $250,000 goal to reach by that time. The money will go to local groups working on these issues.

Rural areas, fish and birds in danger if drought persists


A study from the Public Policy Institute of California found that if the drought lasts another three years, rural communities, wildlife and forests will suffer most.

California agriculture industry growing despite drought


The lead author of a study on the drought's economic impact on California says the state is faring "much better than many had predicted.” How is that possible?

Drought: California to get lowest-flow shower heads in the country


In its latest response to the drought, the California Energy Commission has voted to set the toughest efficiency standards in the country for shower heads.

Forget El Niño, the 'PDO' could be the real drought buster


A climate pattern called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation seems to be shifting into a warm phase which is linked with years of wet weather, but it's not sure thing.