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Should names, addresses of lawn rebate recipients be disclosed?

Photo by Pete Morris via Flickr Creative Commons
| The city of Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Water District disagree over whether the names and addresses of people and companies who received turf removal rebates from the MWD should be made public.

Drought: Metropolitan Water District may reveal rebate recipients


A new dispute between the Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Water District over the privacy of rebate information points up a growing interest in water-related data.

How the drought is changing not only what we see, but what we hear


Rising temperatures and the fourth year of the worst drought in recorded history have meant that spring and summer have been coming earlier than usual to California.

Drought: California offers you a new way to snitch on water wasters


Around 29,000 Californians reported water waste in May; now, the State Water Resources Control Board is trying to make snitching even easier.

Sen. Feinstein introduces new drought relief bill


The bill is dramatically different from an effort last year that stalled when lawmakers could not reconcile vastly diverse bills passed in the House and Senate.

Drought: 4 things to watch in June's water use report


On Thursday, state water regulators will make public how much water city dwellers used in June. We offer 4 things to watch out for in their report.

Drought cutbacks challenge SoCal water officials at home


Many water officials in Southern California will need to cut back more at home to help their districts meet reduction targets, a KPCC analysis has found.

Santa Barbara to restart desalination plant due to drought


The Santa Barbara City Council voted to restart their desalination plant on Tuesday. The plant is scheduled to begin working by fall 2016.