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Drought cutbacks challenge SoCal water officials at home

Taylor Haney/KPCC
| Many water officials in Southern California will need to cut back more at home to help their districts meet reduction targets, a KPCC analysis has found.

Santa Barbara to restart desalination plant due to drought


The Santa Barbara City Council voted to restart their desalination plant on Tuesday. The plant is scheduled to begin working by fall 2016.

Drought roundup: LA ponders further limiting outdoor watering, plus waiting for El Niño


If need be, the City Council can now call for limiting outdoor watering to just two days a week, down from the current allocation of three days a week.

DWP doesn’t support single family graywater usage in Los Angeles


Recently, the DWP proposed a tiered water rate hike that, if approved, will bump the average customer’s combined water and power rates to 3.4% every year, or $4.75 a month every year, for five years.

DWP, drought decide Chatsworth pond fate, to locals' dismay


The pond is the latest victim of a changing balance established by local water managers between saving wildlife and saving water.


Drought won't dry up California economy in the short term


The credit agency Moody's says the drought has primarily hurt farmers, but agriculture only represents a tiny part of the state’s overall economy.

LA officials to weigh 2-day-a-week watering limits


Under the proposal, odd-numbered addresses could water Monday and Friday; even-numbered properties would have Sunday and Thursday.

In face of severe drought, can growth be sustained in CA?


The CA Water Commission has put in place new limits on the amount of grass and lawn space new constructions -- including homes, businesses, schools -- in the state can have.