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Should movies with smoking get an 'R' rating?

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| Seventeen public health and medical groups say yes. The MPAA declines to comment. The nation's top tobacco company says it's against smoking in youth-oriented films.

Study links frequent vaping to regular tobacco smoking


A study of more than 3,000 Los Angeles high school students finds the more young people use e-cigarettes, the more likely they are to smoke cigarettes frequently.


Does raising the smoking age to 21 work?


The strongest evidence suggesting this approach can succeed comes from the Institute of Medicine. It predicts a 12 percent drop among teens.

Study suggests teens who vape go on to try tobacco


As state lawmakers consider regulating e-cigs like tobacco, a new study says 14-year-olds who try e-cigarettes are likely to sample other tobacco products.

'Yeah, I've tried vape.' Teens weigh in on e-cigarettes


Government studies have shown teens are using e-cigs more than ever, but it's not clear why. Teens in Pomona and Glendale share their views on the phenomenon.

State launches ad campaign against e-cigarettes


State public health officials began airing TV ads on Monday, and will also buy space on billboards and online warning against e-cigarette use.


Teens using e-cigs more than cigarettes, study finds


A national survey finds nearly 9 percent of middle schoolers had tried an e-cigarette in the past month, while 4 percent had smoked a tobacco cigarette.

E-cigarettes stoke teens' interest in tobacco cigarettes: study


Teens who tried e-cigarettes were twice as likely to intend to try tobacco cigarettes than those who had not vaped, according to the CDC.