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How To Process A Scary Day For The Nation With Your Kids

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| Confusion, unrest, fear, uncertainty… It’s a lot, so we reached out to LA-based therapist for tips on how to make sense of a senseless event.

Estimated $1 Billion For California Child Care In Federal Coronavirus Relief Package


California funneled most of the money from the first coronavirus stimulus bill into subsidies for providers, vouchers for child care and waiving fees for low-income families.

Thousands Of California Child Care Providers Have Closed. A New Child Care Union Aims To Save The Rest


It took two decades for the union to organize -- and now it has to save its members from the ravages of the pandemic.

Child Care Providers And Parent Anxiety Rises With Coronavirus Case Count


Only a small fraction of daycares have had outbreaks, but even one confirmed case can close a classroom or family child care home for weeks.

A 10-Year Plan For Early Childhood In California With Uncertain Next Steps


It’ll cost the state an additional $2 billion to $12 billion to overhaul California’s early childhood system and there aren’t many details on where that money will come from. In the words of one child advocate, “Great roadmap, but now let's show us the money.”

Future California Might Have Universal Preschool, But It Will Take Billions (For Starters)


Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ambitions to expand and improve California for young children and their families are outlined and explained in a new Master Plan for Early Learning and Care.

How Snail Mail Connected This San Gabriel Valley School District To Its Youngest Students


What does it take to ship 912 miniature elephants in the mail? Determined teachers and a little creativity.

California Is Reshaping Its Child Care And Early Education Programs — Here's How You Can Weigh In


The state is spending $5 million to reshape child care and early childhood education in California. If you have ideas the time is running out to share them.