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FAQ: What you need to know about lead in the home

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| If you know or suspect your home is exposed to lead, either through paint, dust tracked in from the outside or other sources, here's some information that can help.

Charter foes, boosters weigh in on leaked plans to vastly increase charter schools


A new memo indicates there's a 490-million dollar plan to place half of LA students into charter schools over the next 8 years.

Report: Culture of low expectations hurts immigrant preschoolers


A new study from the Migration Policy Institute says young immigrant children can be hurt by discrimination in school, leading to a lack of interest in academics.

South LA relatives caring for children of kin seek equal treatment


Grandmothers, aunts and uncles who care for children of relatives unable to do it themselves want what non-relatives get from the foster care system.


New JAMA study taps two new genetic tests to diagnose autism


A group of researchers have identified two genetic tests they think show the most potential in detecting genetic mutations linked to autism.

Chronic illness keeping young kids out of school, study says


For early learners, illnesses like asthma rather than truancy are major causes for school absences, according to a new report.

How to help stem later bullying behavior in young children


A Child Trends study of available research examines how preschool behavior might be a predictor of a middle-school bully and suggests how parents can help steer their children right.

Experts say curtail summer learning loss by reading to kids


Students lose weeks of learning during the summer. Reading helps, and new research suggests reading books is even better than talking to kids.