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How to help stem later bullying behavior in young children

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| A Child Trends study of available research examines how preschool behavior might be a predictor of a middle-school bully and suggests how parents can help steer their children right.

Experts say curtail summer learning loss by reading to kids


Students lose weeks of learning during the summer. Reading helps, and new research suggests reading books is even better than talking to kids.

California ranked near bottom in economic security for kids


The KIDS COUNT report finds California improved the health status of its children, but dropped next to last in providing for their economic well-being.

Good social skills in kindergarten predicts better life outcomes, study shows


Sharing and playing nice in kindergarten may be more important than academics when it comes to attending college, holding a job and avoiding prison later in life.

Weight gain in women may be rooted in childhood, study says


A new study finds childhood stress, even more than adult stress, may cause women to gain weight as they get older.

In Scandinavia, universal preschool is a given


Parents, regardless of income, can count on preschool for all children in Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Norway. Might they be a model for California?


Vaccination opponents pledge referendum, court challenge to mandatory vaccination law


Gov. Jerry Brown today signed into law one of the toughest school vaccine restrictions in the country.

State law change to allow more 4-year-olds in preschool


Los Angeles Unified officials helped lobby for more state dollars to fund transitional kindergarten.