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Group seeks roadmap for state's early education services

Grant Slater/KPCC
| Advocates are forming a commission to help improve California's early education system in the face of budget cuts to services.

Minimum wage increase may have unforeseen consequences


Helping poor families by raising the minimum wage may disqualify some from subsidized child care while child care providers say their businesses will be squeezed.


Tax credit can help families risking poverty, report says


A new Public Policy Institute of California report says the Earned Income Tax Credit can help keep families at risk for poverty.

Janitors act as messengers to spread word on early education


A UCLA Labor Center program works with janitors to inform more immigrant families about the importance of preschools and early learning.

Playgrounds emerge from vacant lots in South LA


Vacant and abandoned lots in Watts and other parts of South Los Angeles are being turned into parks for children and families.

Gene analysis reveals vital data on kids at risk for cancer


Children's Hospital Los Angeles is among the providers advancing genetic analysis that can uncover with certainty if a child will develop diseases like eye cancer.

Kindergarten parents line up for few spots in choice schools


Parents are pitching tents to secure a seat in L.A. Unified’s advanced kindergarten program at Mar Vista Elementary. Some pay others to line up for them.

Los Angeles Unified considers killing preschool program


A proposal to save money by eliminating a popular preschool program for low-income families has drawn the ire of more than 100 parents, teachers and tiny students.