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Is kindergarten too easy? New research says yes

Deepa Fernandes / KPCC
| Research shows 5-year-olds are capable of more complex learning than we throw at them. But should children be pushed more academically in kindergarten?

Childcare subsidy bill seeks to increase provider training


The Child Care and Development Block Grant would require states to invest in training for early childhood workers. It would also provide some stability for families.

Bellflower childcare provider becomes advocate for change


Bellflower childcare provider Tonia McMillian has become an advocate for her peers. He next goals? Unionization and a voice in state policy decisions.

Study: talking to pre-term babies helps language development


New study links increased communication with premature infants in NICU with increased language development into toddler-hood.

3 things you should know about infant nutrition


Early childhood this week is all about health and nutrition: FDA on formula, Hilary and Latino families and UNICEF on global child malnutrition.

Testing preschoolers has changed shape in California


When No Child Left Behind became law in 2002, Head Start educators had to administer standardized tests in order to get federal funding. A lot has changed since then.

New Year's resolutions that kids can make — and keep


We adults may not be the greatest resolution-keepers, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t encourage our kids to start the year right.

One man's pursuit of universal preschool


Compton school board president thinks preschool is the answer to many of Compton's bigger issues, like poverty and unemployment.