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A Postcard From One of LA County's Newly Reopened Playgrounds

| A little laughter – and a cameo from a toddler t-rex – to brighten your day.

SoCal Playgrounds Are Reopening — Here's Where


We’re tracking which Southern California cities and counties have reopened their playgrounds.

City of LA Playgrounds Reopening After Coronavirus Closures


Playgrounds are reopening one-by-one after cleaning and safety inspections – remember to pack your mask!

Without New Federal Money, California Child Care Providers Brace For Pay Cuts


The union that represents family child care providers estimates more than 800 Los Angeles County providers have closed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

With Day Cares Shut And School Online, LA's Working Moms Are Carrying The Child Care Load


“This COVID-19 crisis has the capacity to really represent a step back in terms of gender equality because we see moms are carrying more of the load than dads,” says University of Arkansas economist Gema Zamarro.

$5 Million In Grants Available For L.A. County Child Care Providers


Starting Monday, some Los Angeles County child care providers can apply for $5 million in grants.

LA County Educators Want To Build A Better Bridge Between Pre-K And Kindergarten


The Los Angeles County Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition Systems Alignment Framework debuts today. We know it’s a mouthful. This story breaks down why it’s important to young learners.

Santa Monica-Malibu School District Lays Off Dozens After Sharp Drop In Early Education Enrollment


After the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District switched to distance learning, enrollment in early childhood programs plummeted, disrupting the careful balance of private and public funding.