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3 things you should know about infant nutrition

Deepa Fernandes / KPCC
| Early childhood this week is all about health and nutrition: FDA on formula, Hilary and Latino families and UNICEF on global child malnutrition.

Testing preschoolers has changed shape in California


When No Child Left Behind became law in 2002, Head Start educators had to administer standardized tests in order to get federal funding. A lot has changed since then.

New Year's resolutions that kids can make — and keep


We adults may not be the greatest resolution-keepers, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t encourage our kids to start the year right.

One man's pursuit of universal preschool


Compton school board president thinks preschool is the answer to many of Compton's bigger issues, like poverty and unemployment.

Wealthy school district opts out of Transitional Kindergarten


State law requires school districts to provide Transitional Kindergarten to get state funding. One rich district in San Mateo County says it doesn't need the money.

Preschool advocates encouraged by federal, state budget news


If passed, the bi-partisan federal budget deal will bring some much needed funding back to Head Start. In Sacramento, Democrats are pushing for preschool funding.

Study: Traffic pollution triples risk of autism in at-risk kids


USC researchers find the risk for autism is heightened when children who have a certain gene mutation are exposed to high levels of pollution.

To teach toddlers gratitude, connect it to happiness


At the East Los Angeles College Child Development Center, teachers use stories and role playing to teach gratitude year-round. Here's how they do it.