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Print This Adorable Worksheet We Mailed To LA Kids

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| These are not typical times, so we did something we don’t typically do — we sent mail to a bunch of children.

If LA's Kids Keep Skipping Routine Vaccinations, We Might Have More Than A COVID-19 Outbreak To Worry About


The number of childhood immunizations in L.A. County was down more than 60% in April compared to last year.

Morning Briefing: Some Kids Head Back To Child Care


Gov. Gavin Newsom has said that reopening child care centers will be critical to getting the California economy back up and running. Some facilities started welcoming kids back this week.

Your Baby Might Hate Tummy Time But They Need It


When babies play while on their bellies, it can help them build muscle, learn to crawl and reach other developmental milestones, according to a study slated for publication in the scientific journal Pediatrics.

Masks, Smaller Classes And No Hugs: What Child Care Looks Like Right Now


What will child care look like in the age of social distancing? Recently reopened child care centers in Long Beach might have the answer.

California Launches Statewide Child Care Website


California parents looking for child care can now try their luck on a new website, MyChildCare.ca.gov.

More Than Half Of LA Child Care Centers Closed. Who Is Watching The Kids Of Essential Workers?


Under an executive order signed on April 4 by Governor Gavin Newsom, tens of thousands of essential workers in California are eligible for subsidized child care. And on Tuesday, Newsom said he'd like to see child care access expanded as retail businesses reopen in the next few weeks.

Call The Doctor If Your Kid Feels Sick, But Go In For Vaccinations


Many pediatric practices are now using telemedicine. One visit doctors say parents shouldn’t reschedule? Vaccines.