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'Health Comes First': What Parents Are Saying About LAUSD's Classroom Shutdown

Mariana Dale/KPCC
| Here's the general reaction from parents to the news that the Los Angeles Unified School District will suspend in-person classes for two weeks: We get it.

Kids Stuck At Home? Here's How To Keep Them Busy And Grow Their Brains At The Same Time


Yes, laundry can be educational– and fun! We went to the experts for tips on keeping the learning going even if school’s out.

How To Talk To Your Little Kids About Coronavirus


Tips from a clinical psychologist: First, take a deep breath.

Helping Preschoolers Work Through Trauma, One Breath At A Time


The Los Angeles Unified School District knows many of its students will experience trauma before they graduate and it’s preparing teachers to help those students.

Free Doula Program For Black Moms-To-Be Gets New Life


A few months ago we told you about the controversy surrounding a promising program meant to help African American moms have healthier births. Now the program has been reborn as the Frontline Doulas program.

State Analyst Says Nix Newsom's Early Childhood Plan


Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to streamline the complicated web of agencies that support early childhood in California by creating a new state agency. Not so fast, says the Legislative Analyst’s Office. On Friday the nonpartisan agency tasked with advising the legislature released a report recommending lawmakers reject the proposal.

Parents Of Young Kids: California Wants To Give You Money


if you're the parent of a young child in California filing this year, you could receive up to an additional $1,000 back. That's on top of existing Earned Income Tax Credits which could net you hundreds - or thousands - of dollars (more on that later).

Childcare Workers Aren't Paid Much At All, So They're Mobilizing To Unionize


Remember this the next time you drop off your most precious assets -- your kids -- with a childcare worker: many of them often take home less than minimum wage for the hours they work. It should come as no surprise then, that they want to unionize. In fact, they’ve been trying to for more than a decade.