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'San Andreas': 6 things the movie gets right about earthquakes

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| While “San Andreas,” named for a major Southern California earthquake fault, likely won’t win any awards for science, there are a few things it got right, according to USGS seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones.

Like Nepal, LA sits on sediment easily shaken by a quake


L.A. and Nepal sit near different types of faults but they share a similar type of underground geology that is particularly susceptible to strong shaking.

New program offers funds for Angelenos to prepare for quakes


The California Earthquake Authority and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services are offering select homeowners grants of up to $3,000 for earthquake retrofits.

More quake-vulnerable buildings turning up in Santa Monica


Officials hoped to have a list of all vulnerable "soft story" buildings compiled by the summer of 2014. Initial surveys missed some structures.

Officials seek ways to protect waterways from quakes


The aqueducts that supply most of Southern California's water could be taken out by a single quake. Officials are looking for ways to protect these vital waterways.

State map shows active fault under Millennium Hollywood site


A new California state map projects an active earthquake fault in the southwestern corner of a Hollywood property where developers hope to build a pair of skyscrapers.

State agency prepares to make a decision on Hollywood Fault


State geologists say they only had limited access to important trenches around the Hollywood fault, a claim that developers dispute.

Earthquake early warnings: Rift forms in public, private efforts


State law calls for public-private partnership on quake early warning system. Trade secrets, different approaches complicate cooperation.