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City receives list of buildings possibly at risk in a quake

Ron Reiring/flickr Creative Commons
| The list does not specifically identify buildings at risk but rather the types of buildings that could be vulnerable.

Northridge: Despite retrofits, are homes any safer now?


Cities have encouraged homeowners to voluntarily retrofit their dwellings. But some engineers estimate that as many as half of all retrofits are not adequate.


Northridge: Calif. quake warning system runs on shoe-string budget


The massive quake that hit Southern California in 1994 came without warning. How close is California to an earthquake warning system?


State geologists release map of Hollywood Fault (Update)


It's unclear whether the city will use the map to require further seismic testing for controversial Millennium Hollywood project.


Memo raises questions about MWD headquarters' seismic fitness


A consultant cites a "potential" for "collapse" in a major quake. MWD insists the $100 million building is safe, and says the consultant used outdated computer models.

Like food and water, women's safety a priority for relief aid


Resources to address violence against women during humanitarian crises often come after the initial disaster response. This week, aid groups and governments pledged to consider it a priority.

City of Los Angeles formally asks for list of unsafe buildings


The city of Los Angeles formally requested from a list of potentially unsafe buildings in LA from UC Berkeley earthquake researchers Thursday.

Who is liable if a building collapses during a quake?


The Los Angeles Times recently found that more than 1,000 older concrete buildings are at risk for collapse during a major quake.