Expanding Medi-Cal |

Senator Lara tries again on immigrant health care bill

Adrian Florido/KPCC
| The bill would grant Medi-Cal and health insurance subsidies to uninsured immigrants living in the country illegally.

Tens of thousands still waiting for Medi-Cal coverage


The state has drastically cut its backlog of applications, but 170,000 remain in the pipeline. Some have been waiting a full year.

Spike in ER use after Medicaid expansion is only temporary, study says


The UCLA study concurs with an Oregon study about an initial jump in ER visits by new Medicaid patients, but UCLA's researchers found the rate plummets after a year.

Advocates sue California over Medi-Cal backlog


Advocates allege that in delaying its approval of Medi-Cal applications, the state has illegally forced hundreds of thousands of poor Californians to go without insurance or forego medical treatment.

Medi-Cal starts covering popular autism therapy


Under new state guidelines Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is now available to autistic kids on Medi-Cal.

Consumer advocates take Medi-Cal backlog fight to the feds


A consumer coalition asks the federal government to force the state to take steps recommended by the advocates.

Why is LA County hiring hundreds of nurses?


The hiring spree that starts Tuesday is part of a larger effort to keep newly-insured patients who now can choose to go elsewhere for their care.

Strange bedfellows: the health care union and the hospital association


SEIU-UHW and the California Hospital Association's deal to work together has gotten mixed reviews.