Expanding Medi-Cal |

'Health for All Act' stalls; drug formulary bill advances

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| The state senate appropriations committee delays action on the 'Health for All Act' until the summer. It sends a drug formulary disclosure bill to the full senate.

Lara: Expanding Medi-Cal to unauthorized immigrants would top $350M


The state senator has authored a bill to provide subsidized private health insurance and Medi-Cal to immigrants in California illegally.

Advocates push for restoration of higher Medi-Cal reimbursement rates


Advocates for the poor want the state to restore an earlier 10 percent cut to the reimbursement rate for doctors who treat Medi-Cal patients.

SEIU drops ballot initiatives, joins hospital group in Medi-Cal effort


Instead of pursuing initiatives to limit hospital pricing and executive pay, SEIU joins the Calif. Hospital Association in a $100m Medi-Cal lobbying effort.

Low income Angelenos left out of Medi-Cal because of mix-up


Hundreds of thousands of low-income Angelenos became newly-eligible for Medi-Cal on January first. The idea under the Affordable Care Act was to switch them away from a transitional program that LA County started a few years ago.

Snafu keeps thousands of low-income Angelenos out of Medi-Cal


Differences in personal information kept by L.A. County and the state meant about 5,000 low-income people were not moved from an interim county program onto Medi-Cal.

Obamacare Explained: A Guide for Californians


Gotten or lost a job? Newly married or divorced? Just moved to a new town? Then you’re eligible to sign up for health insurance at Covered California. Here’s how.

Restoration of Medi-Cal dental coverage comes too late for many


As the state prepares to restore dental coverage for poor adults this spring, dentists say many have suffered major dental problems in the years that they went without coverage.