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Embattled Huntington Beach desal plan enters next battle

Maya Sugarman/KPCC (Aerial support provided by LightHawk)
| The firm behind the proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant is seeking a seemingly minor permit. But foes see a new opportunity for derailing the project.

Water savings increase after a summer of decline


After the state ended mandatory conservation in June, water use rose all summer. Finally in September, Californians started saving more water again.

Where does LA's rainfall end up?


Most of it evaporates or runs off into the ocean. But L.A. needs to capture more runoff and store it in the ground to battle the drought.


A conversation about the future of water


Michel Martin traveled to Fort Collins, Colo. to talk with residents about a future where water may be scarce.

How CA water habits need to change to avoid a dystopian desert future


Twenty-five years from now, California will be hotter, drier and more populous. What water habits do we need to change to avoid becoming a 'Mad Max'-style dystopian desert?

How the drought is affecting California’s wildlife


As the drought stretches into its fourth year, the fate of California’s wildlife is more precarious than ever.

Future of Water: Which species could we lose by 2040?


As California cities and farms squabble over water, conservationists are having to make tough choices about where to direct what water they have, in some cases weighing the fate of entire species.


Is 2040 too little, too late for rules about pumping groundwater in the Golden State?


Last month, 21 of the state’s groundwater basins and sub-basins were deemed “critically overdrafted” by the State Water Resources Board. That means a ton of water is going out -- and very little is coming back in.