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4 lessons in compromise on choosing schools in LA

Kyle Stokes/KPCC
| Parents in Los Angeles face an often overwhelming array of choices for where to educate their children in a taxpayer-funded setting.

Looking back on the history of charter schools in CA


The first charter school law was passed in Minnesota in 1991. California followed suit the next year, thanks in no small part to State Senator Gary K. Hart.

8 things to know about enrolling your child in LA charter schools


There are more students in L.A. charters than any other district in the country. It's tough to navigate the options. Find out the questions to ask, how to apply and more.

What makes a good school in Southern California?


What makes a school or school district thrive? Let us know your questions, concerns and the things you wish you knew going into the school-choice process in L.A. for our "Good Schools" series.

10 things to know about magnet schools in LA


There are 210 magnet programs within LAUSD, each with its own particular theme— from STEM to public service to visual and performing arts.

8 things to know about enrolling your kid in LA's public schools


How do you find out which school is yours? What if it's full? What if you live in one neighborhood but work in another?

Why 'school choice' matters—even if you don't have a kid


What is a "good" school? Do all the choices out there make it easier or harder to find one? Even if you don't have kids, it's something to consider.

How to make LA Unified a better school district


With lagging student achievement, dwindling enrollment and funding problems, how can Michelle King begin to turn LA Unified around?