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Here are Trump's immigration demands

Frederic J. Brown /AFP/Getty Images
| On the table: a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million people, $25 billion for a border wall and changes to the legal immigration system. Read the draft plan.

Mayors boycott Trump meeting after sanctuary cities threat


L.A. and 22 other jurisdictions were threatened with subpoenas if they don't willingly relinquish documents showing they aren't withholding information about the immigration status of people in custody.

Weed Wars: Growers sue to block vast California marijuana farms


Growers worry that new rules could open the way for vast farms and drive smaller cultivators out of business.

Motel 6 sued, again, for IDing Latino guests to ICE


Did the hotel chain violate civil rights laws by giving personal info on guests to immigration agents who didn't have warrants?

Mudslides take heavy toll on immigrants serving Montecito


Oprah Winfrey and Rob Lowe give Montecito its star power, but it's people like Antonio and Victor Benitez who keep the posh Santa Barbara community running.

Rush is on to submit DACA renewals as clock ticks away


Seeing a window open, young unauthorized immigrants whose protections are about to expire are lining up for legal help to fill out renewal applications.


LA officials approve pro-immigrant measures


Los Angeles City Council members on Wednesday approved four new proposals supporting immigrants, aiming to counter Trump immigration policies.

Immigrant advocates gather at Koreatown 7-Eleven to protest raids


About 50 advocates rallied outside a 7-Eleven store in L.A.'s Koreatown neighborhood Tuesday to protest recent immigration enforcement sweeps at the convenience stores nationwide.