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To taco truck or not to taco truck? Tonight, a forum on the food truck scene

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| Did you know that yesterday was National Taco Day? Yeah, well, I didn't either.

Pew voter survey: Two-thirds of Latino voters plan to support Democrats


A new report from the Pew Hispanic Center indicates significantly stronger support for Democratic candidates among Latino voters this year, though voter motivation is weak overall, and conservative Latinos appear more motivated to go to the polls.

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After allegations, reconstructing Whitman's immigration stance | California Watch Just what has Meg Whitman said in the past regarding employers and illegal immigration?

Illegal hiring 101: IRCA, employer sanctions and the underground economy


The scandal that erupted last week over gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's nine-year employment of an undocumented housekeeper has thrown a spotlight on Americans' dependence on unauthorized labor, in the home and in the general economy.

Longest waits for immigrant visas: October


Every month, Multi-American is posting the longest current waits as listed in the U.S. State Department’s monthly Visa Bulletin.

In the news this morning: Whitman and the underground economy, immigrant detention, subtitled telenovelas, more


Whitman's - and California's - immigration hypocrisy -- Los Angeles Times How the Whitman housekeeper scandal highlights dependence on undocumented workers.

American snapshots: Cleaning up in L.A.


Yesterday afternoon I caught up with Juana, the subject of an earlier post in which the Los Angeles domestica dished on the housekeeping industry, the need (or not) for papers, and the scandal over Meg Whitman's maid.

Because it's Friday: "Detained in the Desert"


How do a second-generation Latina protesting anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona and an immigrant-bashing radio talk show host wind up stranded together in the desert? The answer is in Josefina Lopez's new play "Detained in the Desert," debuting tonight in Boyle Heights at the Casa 0101 Theater.