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Judge rules on SB 1070, blocks most controversial parts of law

| Quite literally while I was in mid-air en route to Arizona, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton in Phoenix issued a ruling on SB 1070. Some aspects of the law can go into effect, but she has issued a preliminary injunction against its more controversial sections, which empowered local officers to check individuals' immigration status while conducting other law enforcement, and required immigrants to carry documents.

By the time we get to Phoenix


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Q&A: A fifth-generation ex-Minuteman on SB 1070


Al Garza is the former executive director and vice-president of the Arizona-based Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The group disbanded in March. Garza now heads Patriot's Coalition, a conservative activist group with an anti-illegal immigration component.

Q&A: Kevin R. Johnson of UC Davis on SB 1070


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More on L.A's 'food deserts' now


Just a quick reminder that 89.3 KPCC's Patt Morrison will continue exploring the lack of healthy food options in low-income neighborhoods in a second installment of Navigating LA's Food Deserts this afternoon.

In the news this morning


As the clocks ticks toward the implementation of Arizona's SB 1070 on Thursday - with no court decision yet - the national media is focused on Phoenix. A few stories from there and elsewhere:

Report examines treatment of mentally ill in immigration court and detention system


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Arizona-bound buses to leave from Dodger Stadium


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