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Rafu Shimpo, LA's oldest Japanese paper, warns of closure

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| The paper, founded in 1903, is in danger of shutting down by the end of the year, say publishers who blame declining subscribers and mounting costs.

Supreme Court deadlock — Obama immigration plan on hold


The Supreme Court decision blocks the Obama administration plan to extend temporary legal status to qualified immigrants and sends the case back to a Texas judge.

Immigrant parents of US citizens await Supreme Court ruling


Unauthorized immigrants with American children say a favorable high court decision could protect them from deportation and provide work permits.

In wake of Orlando shooting, LGBT Latinos seek safe spaces to mourn


Among LGBT Latinos in Los Angeles, the Orlando shooting is being felt in a unique way. Some have set about creating a sense of "familia" for those who can't mourn openly at home.

American Samoans consider next move after court passes on citizenship case


Legal options and federal legislation are among the options for American Samoans seeking U.S. citizenship.

Latinos and American identity in a time of Trump: A postcard from El Paso


Donald Trump's comments about a Latino federal judge have sparked discussion about racism and bias. But to many Latinos they're about historic burden.

Koreatown rapper Dumbfoundead tackles whitewashing in films


Korean-American rapper Jonathan Park, also known by his stage name Dumbfoundead, released a video for his new single “Safe,” confronting whitewashing in Hollywood


#RamadaninLA kicks off Sunday night in Barnsdall Park


Hoping to dispel negative stereotypes about Muslims, organizers will kick off the holy month of Ramadan with a public celebration in Hollywood.