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Immigration courts complete more cases, but big backlog remains

Ross D. Franklin/AP
| For the first time in six years, the number of completed cases at the nation's busy immigration courts has risen, perhaps turning a corner on the long-standing backlog of cases.

Reports of deportation plans have migrants on edge


Federal officials have yet to confirm a broad deportation plan, but some Central American migrants with deportation orders fear they'll be sent back to violence in their home countries.

Education helps children of migrant workers in Salinas


California's Salinas Valley is known as the world's salad bowl, with rows of vegetables as far as the eye can see.

Take Two

Film sees migrant farm life through a child's eyes


José Anzaldo is a third grader who's a math whiz. He's also the son of itinerant lettuce pickers. A new doc explores what might become of this promising boy.


Faced with fear, a Muslim woman makes a stand — by setting one up


Amid an atmosphere of mistrust about Islam, Mona Haydar and her husband had an idea: Why not open a dialogue? So, they set up a stand — "Ask a Muslim" — and brought some doughnuts.

Why Miami Cubans roast Christmas pigs in a 'Chinese box'


La Caja China is a device inspired by Chinese rail workers in Cuba. And in Miami, it has become the de rigueur way to cook the traditional Noche Buena pig roast. Only in America.

Can't vote but campaigning hard for presidential candidates


Some young immigrants whose parents brought them to the U.S. without papers are working for Democratic candidates who support a path to citizenship for them.

US planning operation to deport Central American families


Many of the families fled violence but have been denied asylum and have ignored an order to leave the country issued by an immigration judge.