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Lack of Asian-American foster parents leads to new outreach

Josie Huang/KPCC
| Not enough Asian-American families are available to foster the some 800 children of Asian descent in LA County's foster care system.

Muslim women in hijab getting 'comments, looks and whispers'


Some say they've felt singled out for their head scarves, and fear unwanted attention as photos of female shooter Tashfeen Malik circulate in the media.

San Bernardino case raises immigration security questions


A former top Homeland Security official weighs in on the case, says there are things you can't screen for: 'You can’t know what is in people’s hearts.'

New restrictions expected to hit US visa waiver program


The program allows travelers from 38 countries to visit the US without a visa. But after the Paris attacks, officials are looking to add new screenings.

'We have an obligation' to refugees, says homeland security chief


Jeh Johnson tells NPR's Morning Edition that the existing U.S. refugee program is "probably the most thorough, multilayered, time-consuming way for anyone to cross our borders."


Cal State Fullerton wants to add a Korean studies program


Cal State Fullerton wants to add a Korean studies academic program as the Korean American population grows in Orange County.

Nonprofits say cellphones key to helping Syrian refugees


Smartphones are a lifeline for Syrian refugees and immigrants settling in Southern California. Nonprofits preparing for their arrival are seeking donations.

How refugees are resettled in the United States


The process can take a couple of years as refugees are screened, vetted, then resettled in a community that's considered a good match.