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Hundreds of deported immigrants could return to US

Anibal Ortiz / KPCC
| Federal Judge Dolly M. Gee's ruling will let immigrants with serious mental disabilities request to have their cases reopened in hopes of returning to the U.S.

Why the US could see more African refugees in future years


The U.S. will allow in 100,000 refugees starting in 2017, a 30 percent increase. Displaced Syrians will benefit most, but Africans are likely to follow.

Little girl shares immigration message with pope


She carried a T-shirt bearing a message about the status of immigrants in the U.S. and a letter that bore her name and address in suburban Los Angeles.


LA County will continue to cooperate with immigration agents


After hearing feedback from residents on how sheriff's deputies should police and detain deportable immigrants accused of crimes, the department released slightly updated policies.


Conservative Latinos embrace state GOP's move on immigration


The California Republican party this weekend voted to remove a statement from its platform that read "allowing illegal immigrants to remain in California undermines respect for the law."

US sees uptick in number of children crossing Mexico border


In August, 4,506 children were apprehended along the Southwest border. The Obama administration said the 8 percent increase from last month was "concerning."

Spouses of H-1B visa holders struggle to re-enter workforce


They came to the U.S. when their husbands were hired for high-skilled positions. A new federal policy allows them to work, but the job market is not kind.

Arcadia company's virtual currency a scam, immigrants say


State officials are investigating a local company that marketed a product called "GemCoin," billed as a virtual currency backed by gemstones.