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Why more local cops and cities are logged into Weibo

Courtesy of the city of San Gabriel
| Known as "China's Twitter," Weibo is how many San Gabriel Valley officials communicate and build bonds with their immigrant communities.

Immigration protests continue in Huntington Park


Last month, the city council appointed two men who don't have legal immigration status to serve as commissioners. That ignited protests, which have delayed their start

US could soon see more Syrian refugees


The State Department says the U.S. will accept more than 5000 refugees next year. Local Syrian Americans say it's not enough.

How foreign dollars are changing El Monte


As more Chinese investors look to build in the city, El Monte's leaders are cracking down on illegal dumping. They also fought to keep a county probation center out.

LA street vending is big business, but not yet legal


It's a $500 million industry in LA. As vendors wait for a legalization plan at city hall, some have moved forward, securing health permits and renting commercial space

Southern US border sees slowdown in Central American unaccompanied minors


A new study from the Migration Policy Institute shows a slowdown in apprehensions at the U.S. border, thanks in part to increased efforts by Mexico.

Californians increasingly back Medi-Cal for immigrants, poll finds


The Field Poll found 58 percent of registered voters support extending Medi-Cal services to immigrants not currently eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

'Anchor baby' comments stir more controversy for Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush said he was talking about Asians and referred to so-called "maternity tourism." It hasn't gone over well with Asian Americans.