Immigration |

New Huntington Park commissioners don't have legal status

| The city appointed two residents to serve on local commissions. A city official says both are longtime volunteers, but have been unable to obtain legal status.

As we cross our fingers for El Niño, Peru braces for floods


The rains would bring relief to Southern California. But Peruvians who live here are worried for family back home. Peru has already declared a state of emergency.

El Monte sweatshop slavery case still resonates 20 years later


Dozens of Thai migrants were held captive in sweatshops. The case is considered a landmark that influenced immigration and labor policies.

Once outlaws, Young Lords find a museum home


Inspired by the Black Panthers, the Young Lords were formed in New York City by a group of Puerto Rican youth in 1969. Their history is now on display in a new exhibition.

Judge rules US violates agreement in detaining immigrant kids


A federal judge ruled the U.S. Department of Justice's current system of detaining children with their moms after they've crossed the U.S.-Mexico border violates a court settlement.

House to take up bill blocking money for 'sanctuary cities'


The move follows the shooting death of a woman in San Francisco this month, allegedly by an immigrant with a criminal record and without legal status.

Keeping the Korean love for hiking alive — in Los Angeles


The hard-core love for hiking mountains is now a tradition that's being kept alive by the Korean-American community in Los Angeles.

Most new California licenses go to drivers in US illegally


California officials say more than half of new drivers' licenses issued in the state this year have gone to people who are in the country illegally.