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A rare North Korean in Los Angeles just wants to blend in

Kyung Jin Lee
| Meet "Elise Park," one of the tiny but growing population of North Koreans living in Los Angeles.

Debate over immigration program heats up after San Francisco shooting


A new federal program seeks to deport immigrants only if they are convicted of crimes, but the plan is drawing heat from both sides of the immigration debate.

In LA's 'Tehrangeles,' mixed feelings about proposed US-Iran accord


Many are cautiously optimistic about easing sanctions, but say they don't trust the Iranian government.

Many immigrants re-arrested after detainers declined, report finds


Many jurisdictions have stopped honoring so-called immigration detainers, saying they can't hold arrestees without probable cause.

Greek economic crisis could bring a wave of new migrants


The Greek diaspora in the U.S. dates back generations. One local organization says it's been overwhelmed lately with pleas from Greek workers who want to move to L.A.

New Filipino English words added to Oxford dictionary


Oxford is adding more "world English" to its pages, giving a nod to terms like "balikbayan," "comfort room" and "carnap" this year. Read on for definitions.

City of LA unveils its plan to patrol wage theft


A proposed "Office of Labor Standards" would employ five people and could grow to 39. The city could spend about $2 million publicizing the program to low-wage workers.

LA Times 'black Twitter' reporter on the emergence of a community


The Times' new hire talks about his job working with online communities to tell the stories the media often misses.