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Different definitions of diversity as City Hall runoff election nears

Photo by Salina Canizales/Flickr (Creative Commons)
| On Tuesday, voters will choose the final member of LA's city council. The winner will be either an Asian American or a woman - both rarities on the council.

9 months after new policy, migrant youth still face high deportation rate


Data obtained by KPCC show that most youth in Los Angeles are being denied relief and are still facing the courts without an attorney, despite a change in policy.


Bill endorsing undocumented immigrants to serve in military splits GOP


Some members of Congress would like to allow immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally to serve in the armed forces. But some Republicans are threatening to hold up a key defense bill over it.

Rising share of Hispanics speak proficient English, report finds


A Pew Research Center report found 68 percent of Hispanics spoke only English at home or spoke English very well in 2013, up from 59 percent in 2000.

Nepal earthquake still being felt strongly in Artesia


Artesia, which has a strong South Asian presence, has launched its own relief efforts. City council members will consider directing city funds to a donation pool.

A podcast asks 'what is a good Muslim anyway'?


With their podcast "#GoodMuslimBadMuslim," hosts Zahra Noorbakhsh and Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed want to shake up labels. Ahmed says, "We're taking the good and we're sort of re-imagining it for ourselves."

US: Work permits issued after immigration action delayed


The U.S. government says it "erroneously" awarded three-year work permits to 2,000 people under President Obama's immigration action after a judge had put the plan on hold.

Airplane cabin cleaners sue over English-only rule


The lawsuit alleges that a Gate Gourmet manager barred workers from speaking Spanish after the company landed a contract to clean Delta Air Lines planes at LAX.