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Why some foreign-born offenders aren't deported after serving time

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| The practice of allowing immigrants with criminal records to stay in the U.S. has faced growing scrutiny.

White House criticizes ruling on Obama's immigration action


Under a federal judge's ruling, the Obama administration is temporarily barred from implementing policies that would allow as many as five million people in the U.S. illegally to remain.

Democrats push to extend health, legal rights to immigrants


Democrats who control the governor's office and both chambers of the Legislature have said they want to find ways for immigrants to come out of the state's economic shadows.

Nearly 500K undocumented Californians apply for driver's license


The bill, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in 2013, allows any California resident to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status

Multi-American blog says goodbye, and thanks


Thanks to the readers who helped make the blog a success. You'll find new stories on KPCC's main site, and vintage posts in our digital archives.

Street vendors ask law enforcement to ease up on citations


The L.A. city council remains stalled on a set of regulations to legalize street vending. Venders, meanwhile, ask police to limit who they cite.

Street vendors say LA should legalize their line of work


There are more than 50,000 street vendors in LA. They say their trade needs to be legalized, so that police can't cite them and confiscate their carts.

Latino home ownership falling


The rate of home ownership peaked before the recession and has been falling since. Experts say credit is too tight.