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In immigration news: The executive action ruling, immigrants told to keep preparing, Homeland Security funding, more

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| The federal judge's ruling that has put President Obama's immigration plan on hold is based on administrative law, not constitutional law. This and more.

Chinese New Year gifts still stuck at the ports


The LA port crisis has left shops in Chinatown with merchandise stuck on the docks while people are stocking up for Lunar New Year.

White House puts immigration plans on hold, promises appeal


Tens of thousands of immigrants in line to begin applying Wednesday for work permits and deportation stays have had to cancel their plans, at least temporarily.

In immigration news: Judge's ruling blocks executive action, Homeland Security funding battle, new refugee policy, more


A federal judge in Texas has issued a ruling temporarily blocking President Obama's executive immigration order; the administration plans to appeal. This and more.

Republicans say Obama giving immigrants 'amnesty bonuses'


Under President Obama's new immigration plan, many immigrants living in the U.S. illegally will now be able to claim up to four years' worth of tax credits.

In immigration news: Anti-executive action lawsuit, LA libraries to help immigrants, border security and the DHS funding battle, more


A federal judge in Texas is soon expected to rule on a lawsuit filed by 26 states to stop President Obama's immigration order. This and more.

LA libraries want to help applicants with immigration plan


LA public libraries are ready to become 'information centers' for immigrants seeking temporary legal status. It's part of a nationwide effort by cities.

In immigration news: Capitol sit-ins, a not-so-diverse LA City Council, immigrant driver's licenses, more


Los Angeles is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, but this isn't represented in its elected leadership. This and more.