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In immigration news: Insurance for newly licensed immigrants in CA, a shift in border arrests, 'Dreamer' student loans, more

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| The state insurance department is marketing its Low Cost Auto Insurance program to unauthorized immigrants who are expected to apply for driver's licenses starting Jan. 2. This and more.

New state law creates loan program for students without legal status


New law creates a revolving loan program for UC and CSU immigrant students.

Calif. to offer low-cost insurance to new immigrant drivers


New immigrant drivers may qualify for state-sponsored discounted insurance coverage even though they have no official record of being on the road.

In immigration news: Obama's year-end take, organ transplants, farm labor, and more


Obama looks back at his executive action on immigration. Illinois to provide kidney transplants to immigrants without legal status. California growers worry that labor will get worse.

In immigration news: Executive action hiring, CA to driver's issue licenses, deportations to Cuba, and more


US Agency Hiring 1000 After Obama's Immigration Order - New York Times U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has hired 1,000 new employees who will process applications for the millions expected to benefit under the president's executive action.

California gears up for migrant driver's licenses


Tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are expected to apply for licenses in the new year.

In immigration news: Ankle bracelets, Arpaio lawsuit fails, border surge continues


Immigration authorities try out ankle bracelets on immigrants caught crossing the border. A US district judge throws out Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawsuit against Obama. The flow in Central American migrant families rises again.

In immigration news: Tenn. joins multi-state lawsuit, Arpaio lawsuit, church as sanctuary


Tennessee becomes the 25th state to sue over executive action. Sheriff Arpaio's lawsuit against Obama appears to gain little traction. A Philadelphia immigrant hides from deportation order in local church.